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Don’t Wait! NAPA Workshops Registration Ends Soon!!

October 15th is the last day to register for workshops until November 1st. Register now for NAPA workshops at the AAA website http://www.aaanet.org/meetings/Workshops.cfm to guarantee a seat! Remember, NAPA members receive discounts on all NAPA workshops!

On Mary's Mind – November 2010

Mary Odell Butler

The leaves are almost gone, kind of a melancholy time of year.  I’m figuring out what to pack for the AAA meetings.  When I get there, as is almost always the case, I will look around the hotel lobby and realize that Christmas has descended while I wasn’t paying attention.

In my last column, I said goodbye to you all – prematurely it would seem. This I promise is really, really my last column.  By the time you read this, TimWallace will have taken over as President of NAPA and I will have moved… Continue reading

March 2010 NAPA e-Newsletter

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

e-Newsletter | February/March 2010 (pdf)

In This Issue

  • Welcome by Elizabeth Nanas
  • On Mary’s Mind by Mary Butler
  • Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Change by Emily Altimare
  • NAPA Bulletin Summaries: Fall 2009 and Spring 2010
  • Anthropology News CFPs

Welcome to NAPA e-News

Living in Hong Kong for the year has been both challenging and exciting.  As many of you know, nothing truly prepares you for fieldwork and I must admit that I feel quite taken with the ups and downs, the joys and distress of my experience. But 2010 is The Year of the… Continue reading

CFP: AAA Registration Waivers for Qualifying Scholars

Section Assembly Executive Committee (SAEC)
Call for Applications

As announced at the Section Assembly meeting in Philadelphia, in an effort to facilitate the participation of and increase members’ access to international and community-based scholars at the AAA annual meetings, registration waivers will be made available to all 38 section members of the Section Assembly. The SAEC requests applications from sections to redeem these registration waivers for qualifying scholars they hope to bring to the 2010 AAA meeting, on 17-21 November, in New Orleans. Qualifying scholars need not be current AAA members and cannot hold employment in university-based anthropology departments… Continue reading

TWIAN: From anthropology to social entrepreneurship

[TWIAN (i.e., This Week in Anthropology) focuses on issues of anthropological practice that are of interest to the NAPA Anthro membership.  The following post from Savage Minds.]

This time it’s Joana writing on her own as for the past two years my life has been largely taken over by an enterprise in which Pál only plays a minor part. As much as I like popularizing anthropology I have discovered that I am even more enthusiastic about social entrepreneurship. Recently I read on this blog that anthropology was „leaning its trendy shoulder onto social media and new… Continue reading

NEWS: 2009 NAPA Student Paper Competition Winners

The National Association of Practicing Anthropologists is proud to announce the results of the 2009 NAPA Student Paper Contest. All the submitted essays represented the highest level of academic writing and all participants should be proud of their accomplishments. The consensus among the judging panel after reading the collection of essays submitted was that future anthropologists, both professional and academic,will be characterized by an extremely intelligent and scholastically rich group. The resulting winners are as follows:

Andrew Flachs
1st Place Winner
Paper Title “The Capabilities Approach: Navigating Cultural Politics in Human Rights Discourse”
Oberlin College
Prize $300

Amy Cooper… Continue reading

Senior Researcher, User Experience

HLB Chicago is seeking a seasoned user researcher (8+ years) to anchor the company’s fast growing User Experience Practice in the Chicago office. This person will bring their intellectual curiosity, analytical rigor, methodological diversity, client savvy, and hard working attitude to our team.

As a Senior Researcher you will employ qualitative and quantitative methods to support product development from discovery through concept preferences and usability testing. Quantitative skills are a must.

RESPONSIBILITIES, include the ability to juggle the following:
· Business development support
· Project delivery and oversight
· Practice Innovation
· Multidisciplinary collaboration
· Contributing to the overall HLB… Continue reading

TWAIN: Learning Foreign Languages (Ethnography.com)

[TWIAN (i.e., This Week in Anthropology) focuses on issues of anthropological practice that are of interest to the NAPA Anthro membership.  The following post from Ethnography.com reminds us of the value of languages.

I was reminded of the importance of foreign language learning twice in the last week or so.  This morning I read a commentary in the New York Times about how poorly Americans do at foreign languages.  Several of the authors remind us that Americans have long done poorly at foreign language learning, and that demands for foreign language learning are declining in the United… Continue reading

TWIAN: AAA's Profiles in Practice Podcast Series

The American Anthropological Associations’s new “Profiles in Practice Podcast Series” is the topic of This Week in Anthropology.  Podcasting has finally arrived into the world of Practicing Anthropologists!

In 2007-08, the Practicing Anthropology Working Group (PAWG), with Shirley Fiske serving as an editor, began the “Profiles in Practice” column in Anthropology News. The purpose was to increase awareness of work being done by anthropologists outside of academia.  Eleven columns were published.  Subsequently, a permanent column was established titled “Anthropology Works.”  In 2008,  PAWG was  replaced by a permanent standing… Continue reading

TWIAN: Savage Minds Rewind: The Best of 2009

[TWIAN (i.e., This Week in Anthropology) focuses on issues of anthropological practice that are of interest to the NAPA Anthro membership.  The following post from Savage Minds is a worderful recap of 2009.

Everyone loves end of year reviews, even if they’re a couple days late. And we’re no exception. Here are some of the most popular posts, notable moments, and contributors’ favorites from the past twelve months.

SM picked up on the world of anthropology- from Dustin’s great post on Human Terrain in Oaxaca, Ethnic Studies Under Attack, Tom’s breakdown of the UK anthropology rankings,… Continue reading