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NAPA has a very solid presence on some of the main social media. If you are not a part of them, you are missing out! Feel free to join the media and exchange your ideas and announcements.

Along with the listserv, you will find us here:

The NAPA blog forum serves as a catch-all for various news and announcements, but also has regular features.

sNAPAshots”: Conversations with Professional, Practicing, and Applied Anthropologists
NAPA’s first video series project: short-format videos featuring the insights and experiences of Professional, Practicing, and Professional Anthropologists

AnthroJobs of the Week
This series features job postings that call for anthropologists or at least anthropological skills and training. Wonder what the job market is like? Curious about what skills and experiences employers are seeking? The AnthroJob blog will help answer those questions.

AnthroCurrents,” highlights anthropology in the popular press. It’s a great way to keep track of how frequently and how well anthropology is being presented to the larger public. (AnthroCurrents is currently on hiatus, but you can track past postings.)

Read the blogs, respond to the postings, and forward the content on to others. Have an idea for a regular blog? Is there a blog you’d like to create and have published here? Do you have an announcement for the blog? Just let us know by sending a message to

This is the most social of NAPA’s media. You’ll find pop culture, public themes, zany pictures, and a wide range of topics and discussions of interest to the anthropological mind.
The NAPA Facebook page is kept fresh and current by Zelda Harrison and Sophie Goodman.

This is a more professionally oriented networking and idea-sharing community, and has a global reach. Develop contacts and networks, and post topics for serious discussion. Search for jobs and publish your information to be searched by potential employers.
The NAPA LinkedIn page is managed by Keith Kellersohn.

The NAPA Twitter page has over 10,000 followers, so it’s a great place to get your blurb noticed!
The NAPA Twitter page is kept chirping by Amanda Woomer, Bethany Grove, and Ryan Logan.

Follow the links from this site to any of the social media, and reach out to the practitioner community.

Welcome To NAPA

NAPA promotes human-centered work applied to practical problems by linking a network of professional anthropologists working across employment sectors.  We support all anthropologists in bringing real solutions to communities, organizations, and policymakers, by offering advocacy, information, networks, mentoring, and continuing education.

AnthroJobs Of The Week

AnthroJobs of the Week, 22 December 2021

Happy HolidaysReaders, we’re back! We have several interesting positions at North Range Behavioral Health, Tech Goes Home, The University of Oklahoma, and the University of North Texas. Check them out! 

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