This section highlights NAPA’s extensive Mentoring program, as well as abundant tips and resources to build a successful practitioner career.

In addition to the resources below, you will find information throughout this site to help think through your career. In particular, look over the interviews in the Practicing Anthropology section for perspectives from a variety of practitioners. There are audios, videos, and recordings from past NAPA sessions during the annual AAA meetings.

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NAPA’s mentoring program is one of the oldest and most extensive of its kind. Be prepared to spend some time perusing the resources offered.

Mentoring FAQ

Career Development

Tips on resume writing, networking, working as a consultant, and job shifting.


Position Listings

Over three dozen websites, including general, job-oriented websites, and the current job openings at several specific, relevant employers.

Field Schools

Fellowships, Volunteering, Internships

Graduate Programs

University programs of interest to those looking for a degree and career in practitioner anthropology.

What do you tell students and their parents about the value of getting a degree focused on applied and practicing anthropology? Here are some suggestions.

Who is hiring anthropologists? See the AnthroJobs blog for weekly (more or less) postings with jobs of interesting to anthropologists. Posts are mirrored on the main NAPA website blog page as well as the LinkedIn page.

You can also visit the Advance Your Career section of the American Anthropological Association website or the Career section of if you are specifically interested in business anthropology.

Finally, along with the “Practicing Anthropology” page, where you can learn more about what practicing and applied anthropologists do,  read through a 2009 career survey to explore what MA anthropologists do and how they got there.