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Q:  So… what can you do with your anthropology degree?

A:  Anything I want.


NAPA is pleased to announce a new job-oriented blog, http://anthrojobs.wordpress.com. This weekly blog will feature a job or two (or three!) of keen interest to practitioner anthropologists. The blog will be presented each Friday by Adriana Mariana Szabo, who will also add her own thoughts and perspectives on the current job scene. This information will be mirrored on the NAPA LinkedIn pages.


Over the past two years, as I was getting my MA in Anthropology at NC State University, I had to ‘defend’ my major at every career fair. My enthusiasm (or sass?) over the skills that I acquired as an anthropologist in training got me three internships (two museums and one NGO) in two years. One of them was even paid.

There are countless opportunities out there. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend you check NAPA’s Career Resource Center and the job links found therein to get a sense of what is available.

Are you a medical anthropologist or have a strong interest in public health? How about a position with the World Health Organization (WHO)?

In particular, there is an opening at WHO for a Communication/Information Management Officer in Juba, South Sudan, closing in less than a week. A degree in social sciences and/or public health is essential.

Not ready to move abroad, but would like to put your research skills to good use? The American Evaluation Association is looking for a Researcher for Annapolis, MD. (Closing June 22nd)


Check again here each Friday for more compelling positions and comments on the job market!


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