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February 2009 Newsletter

•      On Mary’s Mind (Mary Odell Butler)

•      CFP AAA 2009: The End/s of Anthropology (Carol Hafford)

•      AAA 2008 NAPA Meeting Notes (Mary Odell Butler)

•      AAA Task Force Contacts

•      AAA 2008: Professional Ethics (Mary Odell Butler)

•      CFP Anthropology News: Work-Life Balance (Dinah Winnick)

•      SfAA 2009: Global Challenge, Local Action

•    … Continue reading

Ballot Measure on AAA Code of Ethics Changes


On January 15, the AAA membership received notification of a ballot on proposed changes to the AAA Code of Ethics that were approved by the AAA Executive Board. This is an interim revision proposed to respond to the 2007 Turner amendment to reinstate the 1971 CoE language which specifies that no research findings should ever be subjected to disclosure restrictions.

Although there was pressure to completely restore the 1971 language as proposed, the resolution that you are being asked to vote upon does not do that. Rather the revision acknowledges some of the concerns… Continue reading

November 2008 Newsletter

July 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 Newsletter

Congratulations to the spring anthropology graduates. Be sure to look at the NAPA web page where just in the past fifteen days, fifteen employers posted employment opportunities seeking anthropologists for positions in game analytics, consumer insights, historic preservation
and even a user experience practitioner for a major US newspaper.

It is time to vote in AAA and NAPA elections and it is also the time for students to submit their papers for the NAPA Student Achievement Award.  This eNewsletter provides more information about these and… Continue reading

March 2008 Newsletter

January 2008 Newsletter

September 2007 Newsletter

NAPA has a new look! After
many years of not having an official logo we have selected the design at the top of this newsletter. In a similar genre as that of the AAA logo, it radiates a sense of vibrancy and movement. Matt Suhr, a graphic design student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, won the logo design contest which is described in greater detail below.

Elections and Nominations

Congratulations to Christine Miller, Kendall Thus and Laurie Price, the newly elected Governing Council me… Continue reading

July 2007 Newsletter

May 2007 Newsletter