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Tanya Rodriguez Interview

The interview below is with Tanya Rodriguez, PhD and Senior Cultural Anthropologist at Hormel Foods. Terry Redding conducted the interview.

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Carol Ellick Interview

The interview below is with Carol Ellick, MA, Owner of Archaeological and Cultural Education (ACE) Consultants. Terry Redding conducted the interview.

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Kristy Keller

BiographyKristy Keller has provided direct service to displaced families since 2009.  With experience in program management, service development and evaluation, Ms. Keller received an MA in Applied Anthropology in 2013 from San Jose State University. In graduate school, Kristy partnered with fellow students to study different sites of the Occupy Movement. Together, they produced an ethnographic pamphlet, “Occupying in California: Voice and Contexts,” meant to contextualize

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Amelia Jamison

On a teaching engagement in South Korea  BiographyAmelia Jamison is a graduate student and researcher at the University of Maryland. Her research interests are broadly focused on the intersections of applied anthropology and public health, with a specific focus on health disparities in infectious disease. Having completing her M.A.A. in Applied Anthropology in 2014, she is currently pursing an M.P.H. in

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Laurel Dillon-Sumner

 BiographyLaurel is a qualitative researcher, currently employed as a Research Coordinator with the University of Washington in Seattle. In this role she supports several research projects related to cancer prevention and control, working closely with interdisciplinary teams based in the Department of Health Services and representatives from the Department of Health, Veterans Administration, and elsewhere. She is currently applying to

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Antonio Chavarria Interview

The interview below is with Antonio Chavarria, BA of the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture Laboratory of Anthropology, State of New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. Carol Ellick conducted the interview.

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NAPA Career Profiles: Suzanne Hanchett from Planned Alternatives for Change LLC

Suzanne Hanchett considers herself to have had four careers, spanning over the course of the last 40 years. Starting out as an academic anthropologist after receiving her Ph.D. from Columbia in 1970, she found herself denied tenure after 9 years of teaching, leaving her “casting about” as she considered her next career move. “The reasons are still unclear to me,

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NAPA Career Profiles: Monica S. Hunter

Through engaging snapshots of her work in formative program evaluation, Monica S. Hunter reveals a commitment to innovative solutions and a systematic approach. Hunter defines and translates the interests and input of stakeholders in various realms of life to implement and improve programs with a goal of long-term sustainability.

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