Mary Odell Butler Interview

During the AAA 2015 annual meeting in Denver, CO, NAPA conducted an experiment of sorts in the form of a special “installation” in a small room off to the side of the main meeting. Passersby were invited to stop in and spend 10 minutes answering a similar set of questions outlining how they developed their careers in the practice of anthropology. The intent was to gain a random assortment of perspectives on how anthropologists got their jobs after graduation, what the key factors were in finding employment, and how their educations prepared them for the workplace. Their experiences demonstrate different routes in how practicing anthropologists develop their careers.

Interview run time is 10 minutes.

Video recording provided by Robbie Murie, New Mexico State University. Participant wrangling by Amanda Tack, University of North Texas. Audios are in MP3 format, while videos are in MP4 format. The video files are large and may take a few moments to buffer. Those with slower internet connections may prefer to stream the audio.

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