AnthroCurrents July 19, 2017

This edition of AC is a bit fluffier than most–both in content & volume.  But it’s summer and that’s what we care about, right?

The sodastream commercial above features an anthropologist.

Speaking of videos, happy national hijab day (July 9). We’ve got an analysis of the hijab’s changing role in fashion, identity & consumerism.  And applied anthropologist Melissa Rinehart writes about why immigrants bring the community of Fort Wayne together.

Want to go to brunch?  According to anthropologist Kate Moore, if you’re young & single the answer is probably yes.

Lay’s potato chips is promoting community & cultural experiences to sell potato chips in Romania.  Does owning it make it better?

Everyone seems to want to talk about this sleep study.  Is evolution to blame for a crappy night’s sleep?

Yo-Yo Ma studied anthropology.  Make of that what you will.

Medical anthropologist Gideon Lasco used social media & the draw of mountaineering to clean up close to a ton of garbage in the Philippines.

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