AnthroJobs of the Week, 27 March 2019

You may have noticed that we have posted lots of User Experience and other types of hip job listings lately. But don’t despair; the classic anthropology jobs are still out there. As ye seek, O curious ones, so shall ye find. And plenty of these are for bachelor-level educations.

Oh, and if you put “anthropology jobs” in a search engine (I am not going to say the “G” word), you will find some interesting blogs about anthropological employment.

Let’s start with this classic at the graduate level: Cultural Resource Principal Investigator. It’s in the Albuquerque area, salary range is $75-100K (sweet!), and 8 years of field experience and 5 years of management are required, along with lots of other criteria.

Here is another classic for practitioner anthropologists: Social Worker IV, for Humboldt County, CA. Requirements are fluid for different positions/levels, but a BA or MA in anthropology works, with at least two years of experience desired. Salary is listed as $23-$37/hr.

OK, how about one more? A Historic Preservation Specialist for the State of Tennessee in Davidson County (Nashville area). A bachelor’s degree and two year’s experience fits the basic bill, and this is not entry level. Salary is listed as $3,205 monthly.

Happy Job Hunting! Reassure your folks that there are still plenty of anthropology jobs to be had.

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  1. Thanks for checking in. NAPA can’t verify the veracity of posts; this is what the State of Tennessee said in their posting, so maybe there are other factors are at work.

    NAPA can always use help producing blogs, so please let us know if you’d be interested in helping us keep this blog going!

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