AnthroJobs of the Week, 13 October 2017

Two jobs in the Heartland are on tap today for the AnthroJobs happy hour. It is always nice to see job openings beyond the usual coastal locations, so be sure to send us any job listings you happen to come across from, well, anywhere, actually!

St Louis welcomes you to apply for a Senior User Experience Researcher position at Princeton Information, Ltd.  This can be either for a BA/BS or MA/MS with commensurate experience (5-8 or 3-5 years, respectively).  Among other things, applicants need to be able to run usability research activities, and will primarily work with online software and website research, test mobile applications, and pair mobile clients with medical hardware.

While we are in St Louis, check into the U. St Louis position working in the Primate Genetics and Molecular Ecology lab in the Department of Anthropology on the Danforth Campus. The job title is Research/Lab Technician II – Anthropology, and  requires a B.S. or B.A. in Biological Anthropology. Duties include performing experiments, analyzing and interpreting the results in conjunction with the PI, keeping current on the literature, and lab management and maintenance. 


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