AnthroJobs: Jobs of the week – July 29, 2016

Q:  So… what can you do with your anthropology degree?

A:  Anything you want.


Applied Anthropology was one of my favorite classes at NC State University. Before the first meeting with the lecturing professor, I imagined we would learn about jobs in museums and other cultural institutions. I did not know that our anthropological skills could be in demand in some many other industries.

Speaking of industries, this week I received a hint from anthropologist Walter Pond (you can read his posts here on on AnthroCurrents) about two positions that require ethnographic skills.

Ford is hiring an Ethnographer at their Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center. If you have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and “experience doing contextual research into the relationship between human beings and technology and the ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment” this job is for you. “Although based in California, the team will be global in scope, exploring the cultural similarities and differences than drive the global mobility landscape.” For details on how to apply click here.

If you are an advanced graduate student, an innovative problem solver, curious about what lies behind the numbers, computer savvy, and sports centric, Knucklehead Strategist LLC is hiring an Ethnography Consultant on the West Coast. This is a 20 hours/week position that requires experience in fieldwork analysis, ethnography, qualitative research, data management and software tools. For more details click here.

Fala português? If you are fluent in Portuguese and you have at least five years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, there is an open Call for Experts with Land O’Lakes for current and anticipated agriculture development projects in Mozambique. For more details on how to apply click here.


Good luck, fellow job seekers, and until next week!

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