September/October 2009 Newsletter

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Welcome to Our NAPA e-Newsletter
In addition to welcoming you to our e-Newsletter, I first want to thank so many of you for your active engagement with NAPA through our LinkedIn Group, Twitter, and Facebook forums. We hope the dialogue continues and develops into something that will be of value to you and your work for years to come.

In this edition, I would like to call your attention to the article “Ethics in Online Fieldwork” by Brian Estes. This article is timely in its alignment with the current Anthropology News theme and the AAA focus on ethics within our discipline. I am also very pleased to introduce Barry Bainton through a new column, “Who’s Afraid of Practice.” This column will be an ongoing dialogue that will also continue on LinkedIn—where we hope you will join us in lively discussion.

Please note that I will be on a research fellowship in Hong Kong from now through July 2010. Please continue to contact me through my email,, through the NAPA LinkedIn Group, and through Skype as user: enanas72.

Elizabeth Nanas
NAPA e-Newsletter Editor

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