Stan Yoder


Stan Yoder is a social anthropologist with 30 years experience conducting research in more than 20 countries in Africa on topics ranging from childhood illness and treatment, family planning, the practice of traditional healers, health program evaluation, HIV/AIDS, and female genital cutting. His areas of particular expertise lie in HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, research methodology, the formulation of survey questions, program evaluation, and ethnomedical knowledge and practice. Since 1998 Stan has been the senior qualitative research specialist at Macro International within the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) group where he designs and directs studies related to health issues in African countries.  (Note: now retired)

Before joining Macro he edited a book on health and healing in Africa, edited a special issue of Medical Anthropology Quarterly on the relationship between knowledge and practice, and co-edited a book on the use of drama and theatre for health education called Contaminating Theatre (1998).

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