Sunset for the UX Blog

On the first Tuesday of the month from June 2019 through March 2020, anthropologists working in user experience (or UX, a broad term covering many aspects of design, product usability and improvement, consumer research, and related areas) have posted detailed information and reflections in this space on this growing area of opportunity for anthropologists. An introduction to the blog appeared in May 2019.

The “Design by Anthropologists” blog has explored user experience and how it works, relevant books to use as a starting point, what a user experience career track is all about, daily workplace realities, and many related issues. It will now serve as an important archive for years to come as we look back at the era when UX and anthropology had a tremendous growth spurt.

To conclude the series, blog series authors are preparing a final, wrap up posting, which will appear here in due course. It will be a fitting conclusion to a grand effort put forth by a very sharp team.

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