AnthroCurrents – October 31, 2017

From Ossian Brown’s collection of vintage Halloween pictures Haunted Air.

Happy Halloween, fellow practitioners!

If you want to read about this history and interpretation of our hallows day celebrations, I recommend this and this.

The ABC Australia Boyer Lectures most current series feature renowned anthropologist Genevieve Bell.  He series explores the role of technology in Australia’s future and is called: Fast, Smart and Connected: What is it to be Human, and Australian, in a Digital World?

Book review turned personal biography, check out this write-up about physical anthropologist and doctor Alice Roberts.

I read an article (that wasn’t very good, so I’m not linking to it) but it hipped me to the Wild Born Project. An ethnographic, photography & film effort by Alegra Ally, who has her M.A. in applied anthropology.

This article is popping up all over the place…anthropologists weigh in on whether we are more violent than our ancestors.

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