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Join us for the 2023 Careers Exposition


0:12 [NAPA Logo]

0:12 [40th Anniversary NAPA Logo Changing Size] [Toronto CN Tower] [On Screen Text] The NAPA Careers Expo is just days away! Join us to celebrate our 40th anniversary! practicinganthropology.org

Chad Morris 0:12 For students, it is bar none the best possible place to see multiple non-academic hiring agents in one room, it is an amazing opportunity. And I would I would encourage students early in their careers to do this as well. So they can be thinking about those opportunities as they design their field work and their experiences and contemplate their own life path. But I would also plug this for people who are teaching, particularly graduate students, it’s been helpful for me as a teacher of undergraduates as well, again, to see where anthropology has taken place to understand where the anthropologists who may not have anthropology on their business card are hanging out and the needs that they have and their desire to apply.

Natalie Muyres 0:59 I go to conferences, visit the Career Expo, ask questions, connect with others in your field. I’m constantly learning and I really appreciate learning from others in this way, I decided I didn’t go to them before and I went and I was so welcomed and it was such an important, important part of my path. I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Eshe Lewis 1:20 I think that, you know, organizations like NAPA exist for that reason, you know, like if anthropologists didn’t really have anything to offer, then I don’t think we would work so hard to try to set people up to offer that right. I think it’s really important to figure out how to translate your skills, right? Like figuring out not only for a resume, but for you to be able to feel confident in saying I am capable of doing whatever it is that I’m capable of doing. Textbooks are great and the texts are great, but you you learn a lot doing that you cannot learn otherwise.

1:54 [40th Anniversary NAPA Logo Changing Size]

1:57 [40th Anniversary NAPA Logo] [Toronto skyline featuring CN Tower] [On Screen Text] NAPA Careers Expo 2023 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting | Colloque Annual Metro Toronto Convention Center 17 Nov 2023 | 11am-4pm PracticingAnthropology.org

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