2017 Annual Meeting Audio Archive

At the 2017 AAA annual meeting in Washington, DC, only one NAPA Invited Session was audio recorded. The session was designed around brief flash presentations. The sound quality is generally fair to poor.

Presenters are speaking as individuals, and opinions expressed by participants are theirs alone. They do not reflect the positions of the speakers’ employers, NAPA, or AAA.

NAPA Invited Session: Engaging Business Anthropology as a Career that Matters

Friday, December 1, 2017. Session #4-0340
Organizer: Robert Morais
Chair: Timothy Malefyt
Presenters: Patricia Sunderland, Elizabeth Powell, Christine Miller, Patricia Ensworth, Mike Youngblood, Michael Donovan, Derek Newberry, Josef Wieland, Elizabeth Briody, Allen Bateau
Duration: 1 hr 41 mins. Download size: 23 Mb
(audio starts as panel begins)

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