2016 Annual Meeting Audio Archive

At the 2016 AAA annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN, the two NAPA Invited Sessions were audio recorded.

Presenters are speaking as individuals, and opinions expressed by participants are theirs alone. They do not reflect the positions of the speakers’ employers, NAPA, or AAA.

NAPA Invited Session: Perceptions and Performance at University and at Work: Does it Matter How Well They Are Aligned?

Friday, November 18. Session #4-1245
Organizer: Elizabeth K Briody
Chair: Maryann McCabe
Presenters: Sherylyn H Briller; Anthony Ramos, Elizabeth K Briody, and Edward Berger; Christine Z Miller; Julia Wignall; Maryann McCabe
Discussant: Dennis Wiedman
Duration: 1 hr 58 mins. Download size: 27 Mb

NAPA Invited Session: Practice, Evidence, and Ethics: Communicating Anthropological Knowledge Developed Through Practice

Saturday, November 19. Session #5-0940
Organizer: Kerry B Fosher
Chairs:  Elizabeth K Briody
Presenters: Robert A Rubenstein, John PN Massad, Fredericke P Lampe, Monica L Schoch-Spana, Astrid Willis Countee
Duration: 1 hr 09 mins. Download size: 16 Mb

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