2023 Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Meeting: Call for Submissions!

NAPA is a co-sponsor of the 2023 Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) meeting to be held in Cincinnati Ohio, March 28-April 1, 2023. As a co-sponsor, we have the opportunity to support presentations that are of special interest to professional, practicing, and applied anthropologists (PPAs). For this meeting we are encouraging the development of two types of presentations. The first will feature action stimulating, groundbreaking, terror inducing, and otherwise interesting work that you and your colleagues have undertaken. The second is to demonstrate skills, approaches, and resources that are important to PPA anthropologists. If you like the best kinds of challenges, roll up your sleeves, organize your group, and submit your abstracts by OCTOBER 31.  Make sure to select NAPA as your reviewing committee! Registration is required to submit an abstract. To begin the registration process and learn about the theme and participation options, please go to: https://www.appliedanthro.org/annual-meeting

The presentation options are described below.

Presentation Type

Format Options


Organized session/panel/ roundtable

Online (prerecorded)

All presenters in a session/panel/roundtable must agree on either an online or onsite format at the time abstracts are submitted. The SfAA cannot facilitate mixed in-person/Zoom sessions. 

Volunteered papers

Online (prerecorded)

In-person volunteer papers will be grouped into volunteered sessions. Online volunteer papers will be prerecorded and posted to Whova. 


In-person (printed)
Online (prerecorded video)

In-person posters must be printed and will be presented during the in-person poster session. Online posters must follow the video poster formatting instructions and time requirements and will be uploaded to Whova.

Please think about participating and urging others to respond.

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