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AnthroJobs of the Week, 20 October 2017

Here is one of those entry-level jobs that don’t come around every day: The Field Museum in Chicago has a full-time but short term opening (Nov. 2017 to May 2018)  for a Collections Assistant in Anthropology. Yes, it actually says “anthropology” in the job title. The assistant will help move collections from one storage area to another, but it’s a great chance to get on board with an excellent institution. An anthro or museum BA is required, as is some experience with collections. There will also be lots of boxes and packing, and toting of barges and lifting of… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents – October 16, 2017

MacArthur Genius Award winner, anthropologist Jason de Leon

MacArthur Genius Award winner, anthropologist Jason de Leon

Hey all, sorry for the sudden radio silence and lack of posts.  I know there isn’t a reason good enough to have abandoned you all so recklessly, so without further adieu…

As I’m sure most of you know, Anthropologist Jason de Leon was recently awarded the MacArthur Genius award.  Check out this video about his work and read about other winners.

This article features anthropologist Robin Nelson’s research on sexual harassment in academia.

Did the election make you stop listening to or reading the news?  Anthropologist Carolyn… Continue reading

AnthroJobs of the Week, 13 October 2017

Two jobs in the Heartland are on tap today for the AnthroJobs happy hour. It is always nice to see job openings beyond the usual coastal locations, so be sure to send us any job listings you happen to come across from, well, anywhere, actually!

St Louis welcomes you to apply for a Senior User Experience Researcher position at Princeton Information, Ltd.  This can be either for a BA/BS or MA/MS with commensurate experience (5-8 or 3-5 years, respectively).  Among other things, applicants need to be able to run usability research activities, and will primarily work with online software and… Continue reading

AnthroJobs of the Week, 7 October 2017

The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) in Alexandria, VA, is seeking a PhD-level social or behavioral scientist with a background in qualitative methods. Both early and mid-career applicants are welcome. IDA is a federally funded research and development center supporting the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies that require rigorous and objective analysis of national security issues. IDA staff work with policy makers, so although Department of Defense experience is not required, it is helpful. The closing date is 27 October.

The AnthroJobs of the Week blog typically does not post academic jobs, but let’s be flexible. In support… Continue reading

AnthroJobs of the Week, 29 September 2017

Two jobs this week demonstrate the diverse potential of applying your anthropology degree and experience.

Like the outdoors?  ELOS Environmental, LLC, of  Hammond, LA, is looking for an Underwater Archaeologist. A graduate degree in archaeology or anthropology is required, as is at least a year of relevant experience. Primary responsibilities are to acquire, analyze, and evaluate underwater archaeological survey data to be included in reports to the State Historic Preservation Officer.

Like the indoors? On a different end of the employment spectrum, a new startup, Trade By Gina Lamorte, based in Montclair, NJ, is looking for a social media specialist for… Continue reading

AnthroJobs of the Week, 23 September 2017

So here in an interesting opportunity: The Tick Project (www.tickproject.org) is a multi-year, large-scale research project aimed at reducing the incidence of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY, is looking for a project data-focused research specialist to work with other staff to maintain, explore, and analyze all data from the project. Experience in data analysis and visualization, client management software (e.g., Salesforce), epidemiology, population biology, and/or medical anthropology, and a Bachelors degree, is highly desirable. 

On a very different side of the employment spectrum, military contractor BAE Systems is looking for a social… Continue reading

AnthroCurrents September 7, 2017

Photo of “The Kalideoscope Project” by Krutika Galgalikar, Meghana Ravi & Simran Dadlani, students at Ontario School of Art & Design. This was a project to reflect on conversations around diversity and decolonization happening on campus. Original photo found here.

Photo of “The Kalideoscope Project” by Krutika Galgalikar, Meghana Ravi & Simran Dadlani, students at Ontario School of Art & Design. This was a project to reflect on conversations around diversity and decolonization happening on campus. Original photo found here.

A fascinating read about Canadian university’s efforts to decolonize education, including topics typically considered “neutral” such as design.  The article includes highlights from design anthropologist Dori Tunstall who is infusing indigenous awareness, history and unconscious bias education into design curriculum.  The student examples are powerful representations of how we can reimagine education and design by understanding… Continue reading

AnthroJob of the Week, 1 September 2017 and hiatus

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) International Research and Evaluation group is looking for an Office Director and Researcher for their Lusaka, Zambia, office to help manage operations and provide monitoring and evaluation support to projects. Among the qualifications required include a Master’s Degree in anthropology (or related field),  a minimum of three years of work experience on international development projects in developing countries, evaluation experience, and qualitative or statistical software packages.

AnthroJobs on Hiatus: AnthroJobs will be taking a break for a couple of weeks, so look for new postings around September 22. If you find a job listing, post it in the… Continue reading

New Business Anthropology website

A new website, arriving in part as an element of the Business Anthropology Matters! initiative planned for the 2017 annual AAA meeting, is now online. Go to https://www.businessanthro.com/ to learn about the initiative and to connect to the initiative’s social media. And look for additional messaging via NAPA’s social media!

AnthroJobs of the Week, 25 August 2017

It’s not often you see a Fortune 500 company calling specifically for an MS in Applied Anthropology, but here is a job posting at Owens Corning that does just that: they are looking for a Product Research Scientist for their Granville, OH offices. The main objective is to provide research to guide the development of insulation products. Along with the aforementioned MS, qualifications include 3-5 years of qualitative research experience, freedom to travel (35%), industrial design experience, and R&D management experience. 

Or how about the Federal sector? The Federal Aviation Administration seeks a Foreign Affairs Specialist, to be based… Continue reading