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Kristy Keller

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Kristy Keller has provided direct service to displaced families since 2009.  With experience in program management, service development and evaluation, Ms. Keller received an MA in Applied Anthropology in 2013 from San Jose State University.

In graduate school, Kristy partnered with fellow students to study different sites of the Occupy Movement. Together, they produced an ethnographic pamphlet, “Occupying in California: Voice and Contexts,” meant to contextualize what was happening in different geographic locations and why.  In a subsequent project, Kristy developed and implemented programmatic interventions to enhance volunteer services at a refugee resettlement agency — these interventions responded to an examination of refugee resettlement policies in practice, as well as various institutional barriers to effective service delivery.

Kristy came to Compass Family Services in 2014 to provide case management and employment support to homeless families in her hometown of San Francisco.  Following a brief return to San Jose State University as an adjunct faculty member, she is currently Program Director of the Drop-In Center at Compass Connecting Point (a program of Compass Family Services), and serves on NAPA’s Communications Committee.


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