Field schools are a classic means for students of anthropology to gain valuable experience in the field. Be sure to look into these programs well in advance of when you plan to participate, as registration deadlines are usually many months prior to program start dates.

For practical field experience, consider NAPA’s Occupational Therapy Field School in Guatemala. See the website at

Listings of Cultural/Ethnographic Field Schools
Notre Dame:
Colby College:

Listings of Archaeology/Paleontology Field Schools
Archaeological Institute of America:
R. Joe’s Shovelbums:
ShovelBum Index:

Listings of Physical Anthropology Field Schools
Smithsonian Institution: (scroll down page for links)
Canadian Association of Physical Anthropology:

Individual Field Schools



Location(s) Date(s) Deadline(s) Notes
NAPA’s Occupational Therapy Field School
Antigua, Guatemala


Early Summer Several weeks before session Ethnographic experience

Not running in 2016

NCSU Ethnographic Field School
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Once a Summer Several weeks before session Ethnographic experience
Isla Mujeres Field School
Isla Mujeres, Yucatan, Mexico Summers, Winters


Variable Ethnographic experience, multiple sessions
Off the Beaten Track
Malta/Gozo Summers


Several weeks before session Individually tailored projects
IIRPS Athens
See other IIRPS programs at
Athens Once a summer. 2016: June 26-July 7


May 1 Historical preservation
Center for Social Wellbeing:


Peruvian Andes Summers, Winters
2016: Aug 1-21
Variable Qualitative methods, languages
OSEA-CITE field schools:
Yucatan Summers, Winters
2016: Aug 1-21
Several months before program 4 programs; ethnography, teach English, Maya immersion,  Spanish language


University of Arizona
Several Continents Ongoing


Several months before program Reserve a space early
University of Massachusetts Massachusetts Summers


April 1 Bioarchaeology/forensics
Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
Belize Summer
2016: May 31-June 29
April 15 Ethnographic experience