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Jen Cardew

New website for Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

The Association of Latino & Latina Anthropologists, a section of the  American Anthropological Association, was founded in 1990. ALLA fosters critical research, teaching, mentorship, and scholarly exchange on the experiences of Latinos & Latinas (broadly defined). Its mission includes working with professional and community based organizations, anthropologists outside of academe, and community leaders to promote excellence in scholarship and advocacy about and for Latino/Latina peoples, and for our indigenous, queer, and Black allies.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS IPSA / AISP – 3rd annual Summer School

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS IPSA / AISP – 3rd annual Summer School
IPSA / AISP – 3rd annual Summer School – Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Sciences and International Relations
January 30, 2012 – February 10, 2012
University of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil
Applications must be done until November 10, 2011.

University of South Florida’s response to FL Governor’s remarks about anthropology

The University of South Florida (USF) Applied Anthropology Department has put together a great response for their Governor’s remarks suggesting that the state of Florida does not need any more anthropologists.  This really isn’t about anthropology in the state of Florida though- it’s much bigger.  It’s become an effort publicize what anthropology really is, how useful it is, and to share our stories with the public.

Here is their Letter to the Editor to the Saint Peterburg Times:

Subject: Governor’s Radio Remarks on Anthropology

In a recent interview on Daytona Beach radio station WNDB-AM, Governor Scott stated… Continue reading

NAPA Workshops at the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Workshop Registration Is Now Open


Students Pay Half Price for Workshop Admission

New methods and theory

  1. Introductory Participatory Design Workshop: Overview and Introduction to Methods – Nancy Fried Foster
  2. Tourism Research Workshop: Theoretical Frameworks, Approaches and Practices – Quetzil Castaneda and Tim Wallace
  3.  Anthropologist in Evaluation: An Introduction to Evaluation Concepts – Mary Odell Butler and Lenora Bohren
  4. Anthropology in Focus Groups: Expanded Opportunities for Anthropologists in Marketing Research – Robert J. Morais
  5. Ideas and Techniques for Organizing an Ethnographic Field School – James Tim Wallace and George Gmelch

Career Planning

  1. Stress Management and Building Self-Esteem for… Continue reading

2011-2012 Governing Council Officers & Committee Chairs

Dear NAPA Members:
The 2011-12 roster of Governing Council officers and Committee Chairs has been posted. Please feel free to contact me or any of the other GC members for any reason. This is your organization and we wish to serve you and the practicing and applied anthropology community in whatever way we can. I look forward to seeing you all soon in Montreal.
Tim Wallace
NAPA President

Indians of the Midwest website

The Indians of the Midwest project has drawn on the expertise of a large network of Native and non-Native scholars affiliated with the D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies. The Center was founded in 1972 to improve the quality of what is written about American Indian peoples. From that time forward, the McNickle Center’s staff, affiliated research projects, and fellows have played a major role in shaping modern scholarship on American Indian and Indigenous Studies, by sponsoring conferences, seminars, and workshops for scholars and teachers and by administrating several fellowship programs, some specifically for American… Continue reading

The 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists to Support Occupy Wall

The 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists to Support Occupy Wall Street and Associated Movements
American Anthropological Association Meeting
Montreal, Canada November 17-20, 2011

Calling all anthropologists, interdisciplinary scholars, activists and citizens attending the 2011 AAA Meetings in Montreal:

Please join us for the 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists who are involved or interested in the recent occupy movement for global economic change that is sweeping the globe.  The details of our meeting and the actions we take will be determined by the consensus process during general assemblies that is being practiced by all of the occupations.  … Continue reading

Calling all practicing anthropologists: share your stories

The students at the University of South Florida are looking for people to share their career stories. Please see their email below and help if you can!
Dear Anthropology Supporters,We need contacts for people who are willing to talk about their jobs
and how anthropology helps the economy.If you are interested, please email with your
name, university affiliation, status (i.e. student, professor,
professional), and a personal phone number.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

If you know of anthropologists working in private industry who would
like to participate please have them… Continue reading

AnthroSource User Research Invitation

Here is a message from the AAA:

Dear AAA Meeting attendee,

You can help shape the future of AnthroSource. We cordially invite you to take part in a user research project about how American Anthropological Association members engage with their research.  We are seeking volunteers to participate in one-on-one interviews on Friday, November 18th at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, 1255 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal, QC H5B 1E5.

In the 30 minute sessions, participants will be asked to describe their typical workflow, identify the resources they use most, and explain the tools/features they value. Responses will help the AAA and… Continue reading

NAPA workshops at the AAA Annual Meeting

Are you planning to attend the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal, QC, Canada?  If so, please register for one or more NAPA sponsored workshops!  You can register at

Please see the website for complete workshop descriptions.  The following are NAPA sponsored workshops:

  • Introductory Participatory Design Workshop: Overview and Introduction to Methods – Nancy Fried Foster
  • Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 1 – Ken C. Erickson and Stephanie Paladino
  • Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 2 – Ken… Continue reading