NAPA Governing Council
The Governing Council is composed of both elected positions and committee chairs, although only the elected positions can vote on matters of NAPA governance and policy. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of NAPA, helping to ensure that association business and activities are managed efficiently and effectively.

Elected Members:

President (2016-2018):   Lisa Henry,

Past-President (2014-2016):  John Massad,

President-Elect (2016-2018): David Himmelgreen,

Secretary (2017-2019): Rachel Hall-Clifford,

Treasurer: Kevin Preister,

Member-at-Large (2017-2019): Ann Tezak,

Member-at-Large (2017-2019):    Jason Lind,

Member-at-Large (2016-2018): Ellen Puccia,

Student Representative (2017-2019): Taapsi Ramchandani,

(The archives page contains a listing of Past NAPA Presidents.)


Editor: Annals of Anthropological Practice

John Brett,


Committee Leaders:

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Communications: Jo Aiken,

EPIC Liaison:  Inga Treitler,

Ethics: Chad Morris,

Evaluation SIG: Eve Pinsker,

Membership: Kerry Fosher,; Fritz Lampe,

Mentoring: Niel Tashima,

Newsletter:  Natalie Morrissey,

Nominations: David Himmelgreen,

Organizational Relations, Careers Expo: Cathleen Crain,

OT Interest Group and OT Field School: Gelya Frank,

Program: Ellen Puccia,

Publications: Tim Wallace,

Volunteer Coordinator/LPOs: Wendy Hathaway,

Workshops: Elgin Klugh,

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Semi-annual Committee Reports

Committee reports are presented by their respective chairs twice a year at the Governing Council meetings. See the Archives page to review past reports.

Special Interest Groups/Topical Interest Groups

NAPA supports the development of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) or Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) within the community of anthropological practice.

NAPA Expense Reimbursement