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Founding Documents

Below are links to a compilation of scanned PDF documents related to the founding of NAPA. They range from memos and letters to receipts and invoices, and together they provide a remarkable “behind the scenes” insight into how NAPA as an association came into being.

Most, but not all, documents are dated, and range from 1983 to 1988. The majority of documents are from 1984. These were collected by Ralph Bishop, a founding member of NAPA. He contributed his notes to NAPA Secretary Lisa Henry at the U of North Texas, who had graduate students scan and compile the myriad pieces of NAPA’s inception into a fascinating look into NAPA’s history.

Due to the size of the main file, it is broken into 8 files of roughly equal size (4 Mbs). The entire set of documents (257 pp) may also be downloaded in its entirety; however this document is nearly 30 Mbs in size.

NAPA Founding Documents, 1983-1988

All Founding Documents (30 Mbs)


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