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Anthropologists are employed across a broad spectrum of positions and sectors, including government (federal, state, local, tribal), the nonprofit world, and within the private sector, from major corporations to one-person consulting firms.

Employment Directory
A list of links to over three dozen websites that post the kind of jobs that anthropologists undertake.

Specific announcements and websites that list fellowship, volunteer, and internship opportunities of interest to anthropologists.

Field Schools
A great way to gain valuable field experience in a number of contexts.

Related Resources
The NAPA Podcast series features conversations with practitioner anthropologists about what they do and how they got there.

Mentoring FAQs list nearly 60 frequently asked questions of NAPA mentors from th0se early in their careers. These explore what to do as an undergraduate, getting into graduate school, and how to best apply an anthropology degree.

For current news and events, join the NAPA listserv, or pose a question on the LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

AAA job posting policy
Information about posting available jobs on the NAPA website.

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