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Waiting in Line? The newest episode from AnthroTalks

AnthroTalks wants to hear from you for our new episode about “Waiting in Line.”

Here’s the idea: we all do it without too much thought… and that got us curious at AnthroTalks. What makes us wait? Who makes us wait? What happens while we’re waiting? Who gets to the front without waiting?! We know that things happen in and around waiting that can tell us about ourselves. Time to learn more, we decided!

Send us your experiences with waiting in line, from wherever in the world you are! Have you waited in surprising places? In ways that made you notice something new? Was it airport security, a jammed freeway, a trendy hotspot, or even for a bottle of water? Was it for something in short supply? Maybe something that used to be out there in abundance? Was it a government service? What were people doing in line? Tell us what you thoughts! Find our email on this page and shoot us some thoughts about the basic activity of daily life. We may contact you to be in the podcast or in the Almanac.

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