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Two NAPA workshops to consider during AAA

Anthropologists may not consider themselves business persons, but have you ever wanted to be your own boss? To be an independent consultant or run your own small business? If you have an interest in and questions about these issues, a NAPA workshop at the start of the forthcoming AAA meetings should be of interest.

Cheekily named “Anthropological Entrepreneurship: Contradiction or Reality?,” the workshop will review critical issues to consider when thinking about striking out on your own. As a bonus, a roundtable with a special panel of anthropological entrepreneurs will be featured in the second half of the workshop.

The workshop is led by Terry Redding (Independent consultant) and Benjamin Blount (Principal of SocioEcological Informatics). The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday (November 29) afternoon, 1 to 5 p.m.


You may also consider another career-related NAPA workshop; this one is for those earning or holding an MA/MS. On Saturday morning, Dec. 2, from 8 a.m. to noon, we’ll be discussing career options for anthropology Masters degree holders.

“Getting a Job as a Master’s Level Anthropologist” will cover where and how to look for a job, preparing an effective cover letter and resume, and how to present yourself and anthropology to potential employers. The workshop will be led by Terry Redding (Independent consultant and long-time instant mentor for NAPA) and Carol Elllick (Founder of ACE Consultants and co-author of “The Anthropology Graduate’s Guide: From Student to a Career). A special guest, Tom Greaves, the long-time mentor program coordinator for NAPA, will join the session for a roundtable discussion.


For more information about these and other NAPA workshops (there are nine total), or for registration information, visit the NAPA workshop page on this site at: http://practicinganthropology.org/about/annual-meeting/annual-meeting-2017/napa-workshops-2017/


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