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Student Achievement Award

NAPA offers an annual Student Achievement Award. See the award page for application details:

Over the years, professional anthropologists have contributed a number of resources to assist students and early career professionals in reaching career goals.  Some resources are mentioned below, and several are under development.

Professional Career Preparation: See the Careers section of this website for abundant information on preparing yourself for a career in professional anthropology.

Internships: Information and links to resources are available on the AAA website. Visit their searchable field school and internship page. See also their page on fellowships.

Resumes: A strong resume is key to obtaining a job interview. Resume writing resources are under development.

The NAPA Mentor Program links provide access to a range of useful resources. Learn how a mentor can help you succeed and discover all that NAPA and its mentors have to offer! You can find out more about the Mentor Program here.

For practical field experience, consider the NAPA OT Field School. See their website for more information:

How do you know what jobs are currently available to practicing anthropologists? Follow our AnthroJob of the Week blog! What about anthropology’s public face? Where and how does anthropology appear in the popular media? Follow our bi-weekly AnthroCurrents blog to keep track! Both of these blogs will help students and faculty to better explain the value and relevance of an anthropology degree to parents and colleagues.

If you are interesting in business anthropology, visit their website or social media pages.