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SfAA seeks editor for Practicing Anthropology

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) announces its search for the next editor of its journal, Practicing Anthropology.

The current editor, Professor Anita Puckett, will complete her term on December 31, 2014. The new editor(s) will assume responsibilities for a three-year term on January 1, 2015. Practicing Anthropology’s editor is appointed by, and reports to, the Board of Directors of the Society for Applied Anthropology. On appointment, the editor becomes a voting member of the SfAA Board.

Practicing Anthropology is a quarterly publication that focuses on timely issues and breaking topics related to the application of the social sciences to contemporary issues. PA’s reputation is based on publishing relevant and concise articles and commentary that appear quickly so as to be valuable to projects, organizations, and practitioners in the field. Practicing Anthropology is a benefit of membership in the SfAA; there are also approximately 500 institutional (library) subscribers. The journal’s editor determines the content of the publication within certain broad guidelines, executing this responsibility through the nomination of an editorial board as well as the review and selection of manuscripts.

The editor reports biannually to the SfAA Board of Directors. Applications should describe prior editorial experience and outline institutional support (such as editorial office space, equipment, editorial assistance, and other in-kind or financial support) for the proposed editor. The editor should expect to devote 8 hours per week on average, with additional time prior to issue publication. Essential to a successful editorship is to have a good student editorial assistant, preferably with combined interests in anthropology and English. The statement of application should also recount the applicant’s particular interests and how these might influence the future direction of the journal and its contents.

Applicants are expected to be members in good standing of SfAA. Interested individuals should contact the SfAA Office or Chad Morris, Chair of the Search Committee (cmorris@roanoke.edu) for additional information and/or sample copies of past issues. Applicants may wish to communicate with previous editors for a description of the workload, the resources required, and the benefits of this office. Dr. Morris and the SfAA Office are happy to provide addresses and contact information for previous editors.

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