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Praxis Award Pre-Application Deadline: May 1

The deadline for pre-applications for the 2017 Praxis Award is May 1. Award pre-applications are 2-page summary proposals that outline how and why submitters feel their work will be a good fit for the award. The Praxis Award committee for WAPA, the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists, will review the proposals, provide comments, and invite qualifying authors to submit a full, 10-page application.

The biennial Praxis Award recognizes outstanding achievement in translating anthropological knowledge into action as reflected in a single project or specific endeavor (not career or lifetime achievement). Applications should demonstrate anthropology’s relevance and effectiveness in addressing contemporary human problems, particularly in client-based contexts. The competition for this prestigious award is open to anyone holding an MA or PhD in any subfield of anthropology. WAPA strongly encourages self-nominations from individuals, and also groups or organizations wherein at least one anthropologist worked on the designated project.

The Praxis winner receives a $1000 cash award. Details can be found on the WAPA website, www.wapadc.org/praxis. Applicants are strongly urged to carefully read the award guidelines.

The 2017 Praxis Award will be presented at the annual AAA Meeting in November in Washington, DC. For additional information, see the contact information on the WAPA website.

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