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Praxis Award applications

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Praxis Award.  Since 1981, WAPA’s biennial Praxis Award has recognized outstanding achievement in translating anthropological knowledge into action. Applicants should demonstrate anthropology’s relevance and effectiveness in addressing contemporary human problems, especially for projects in client-based contexts.

Information is on the WAPA website at http://wapadc.org/praxis. Applicants should carefully review the general information page and also the application guidelines at http://wapadc.org/praxisnoms.

Applicants should hold an MA/MS or PhD from any anthropological subfield. WAPA strongly encourages self nominations from individuals, groups or organizations wherein at least one anthropologist worked on the designated effort.

Entries will be judged by a panel of expert anthropological practitioners, and  $1,000 goes to the Praxis Award recipient. The application deadline is  July 1, 2015.

The bulk of Praxis Award applications come via networking and referrals from other practitioners, so please inform possible candidates around the world about the award.

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