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Local Practitioner Organizations (LPOs)

Local Practitioner Organizations are regional practicing anthropology organizations. LPOs can cover a metropolitan area or several states. LPOs offer networking and professional development opportunities, as well as the opportunity to informally gather and socialize with fellow practitioners.

Practicing anthropologists should consider joining their local LPO for the professional and social benefits they offer. If there is not an LPO in your area, let us know, and we can work with you to create one!

List of LPOs

The following list contains organizations that may currently be in an inactive state. Some do not have active websites but may have a local contact person or a listserv. Contact NAPA if you are unable to reach a particular group.

An early NAPA Bulletin (1988) highlighted LPOs and their place in American anthropology. The issue itself can be ordered through AAA, and provides an interesting look at LPOs and their impact on anthropology.

LPO Contact

To contact the NAPA LPO liaison, send an email to lpos@practicinganthropology.org. If that does not work use the contact form on this website.

How NAPA Can Support LPOs

NAPA is committed to helping LPOs develop and thrive. While ultimately it is up to the local members to guide the organization, NAPA will do everything it can to ensure success. Support to LPOs is offered in various forms:

The annual NAPA LPO luncheon at the AAA meeting allows LPO members to gather and discuss their needs, successes and stories in an informal and collegial atmosphere. Luncheons vary in format but either directly or indirectly involve the NAPA leadership. The main goal of the luncheons is for LPO and NAPA members to share information, and for LPO members to directly address their issues to the national organization.

Three resource tools are currently available to assist LPOs. These are an LPO development guide, a membership database, and a website template.  NAPA can also host an LPO web page.

NAPA can provide information dissemination support through various means. LPOs can publicize their events and activities through the NAPA column in the monthly Anthropology Newsletter. NAPA can also contact its local members directly on behalf of an individual NGO. NAPA also works with SfAA to coordinate LPO efforts, and to ensure your messages also reach SfAA members.

In addition, LPOs can submit their activities, events and news items directly to the NAPA website calendar, where they are available immediately for both members and the general public to review.

Finally, NAPA can assist in various technical undertakings, such as the creation of an email group or list serve, web site development, public relations efforts, and related activities.

If you would like to work with NAPA to develop an LPO in your area, please contact the NAPA LPO coordinator via email at lpos@practicinganthropology.org.

5 Responses to LPOs

  • Rebecca Severson says:

    You can find NYAPA on Linked In the last time I looked.

  • Jae Carroll says:

    Echoing Mullooly, on your list of LPO’s you list the Chicago Association for the Practice of Anthropology but it doesn’t seem to have a website. I’d like to find out about them, suggestions?

  • TO MEMBER: NYAPA does not have a web site as of yet. We look forward to them developing one. You can leave a message for the NY folk here if you like.

  • Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 7:32 PM
    Subject: [NAPA] searching for NY Assoc.
    To: Administrator
    On your list of LPO’s you list the New York Association for the Practice of Anthropology but it doesnt seem to have a website. How do I find out about them?

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