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Opening: Research Anthropologist (Physical Anthropology) at Smithsonian Institute

This position is located in the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). The purpose of this position is to perform scientific research and professional curation in Anthropology in the general field of physical anthropology and human skeletal biology.

Salary range: $74,872 – $79,864 a year


  • Initiates and maintains an innovative scholarly and scientific research program in physical anthropology, with an emphasis on human skeletal biology, including study of skeletal remains in archeological contexts, paleoanthropology, morphology, evolution, and/or other areas pertinent to developing and investigating museum skeletal collections.
  • Develops and personally participates in research, including fieldwork, as well as collections-based research.
  • Works to enhance Anthropology collections from a curatorial and research perspective, including developing research based on Smithsonian collections.
  • Conducts research on human skeletal remains in museum collections.
  • Collaborates with researchers within the Smithsonian and with other institutions to encourage studies of interest to the Department’s activities and to promote the increase of knowledge in Anthropology.

For information, see usajobs.gov:

Closing Date: March 21

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