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NEWS: 2009 NAPA Student Paper Competition Winners

The National Association of Practicing Anthropologists is proud to announce the results of the 2009 NAPA Student Paper Contest. All the submitted essays represented the highest level of academic writing and all participants should be proud of their accomplishments. The consensus among the judging panel after reading the collection of essays submitted was that future anthropologists, both professional and academic,will be characterized by an extremely intelligent and scholastically rich group. The resulting winners are as follows:

Andrew Flachs
1st Place Winner
Paper Title “The Capabilities Approach: Navigating Cultural Politics in Human Rights Discourse”
Oberlin College
Prize $300

Amy Cooper
1st Runner up
Paper Title “The Preservation of Self in Everyday Life: Temporality and Personhood among Homeless Women in Chicago”
Department of Comparative Human Development
University of Chicago
Prize $100

Kathryn Bouskill
2nd Runner Up
Paper Title: “Practicing Neuroanthropology: Humor as a Coping Mechanism for Breast Cancer”
Emory University
Prize $50

Kalfani N. Ture’
NAPA Student Representative

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