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NAPA Annals Issue Deadline Approaching


As you may know from previous messages, NAPA’s journal, the Annals of Anthropological Practice (AAP), is undergoing a major refocusing in 2016, shifting from its current single-theme format to an all volunteered submission structure.  Through the two issues of volume 40 (2016), the journal will be a “hybrid,” with part of each issue being devoted to a single theme, and the remainder dedicated to volunteered papers.  Beginning with volume 41 in 2017, the AAP will be a fully volunteered journal, providing an important new venue for practicing scholars and widening the field of offerings in the AAP.

We need your contributions to make this new direction a success. NAPA is currently accepting volunteered papers, to be submitted through the ScholarOne platform at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/annals-ap.  The current deadline for submissions for the next issue is the end of July 2016. We look forward to receiving your papers, describing your work and activities. This is a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to get their work published, and contributors do not need to be NAPA members.

If you have any idea or thought for a contribution, please direct your questions and inquiries to the AAP editor, John Brett, at john.brett@ucdenver.edu.

For more background information, author guidelines, and the submission process, see the AAP page on the NAPA website at


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