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NAPA @ AAA: NAPA sponsored workshops

Below is a list of the NAPA sponsored workshops that will be held at the AAA:

Title: Evaluation Anthropology in the Field: Applications in Case Study Evaluation Workshop Leaders: Lenora Bohren, Mary Odell Butler, and Susan Squires

Title:  Introduction to Social Media and Anthropology Workshop Leader:  Jennifer Cardew Kersey

Title:  Anthropology and Consumer Research Workshop Leaders:  Rita Denny and Patricia Sunderland

Title:  Putting Anthropology to Work: Taking a Life Course Approach to Your Career Workshop Leaders:  Amy Goldmacher and Sherri Briller

Title:  Engaging Journalism: Making anthropology Visible in the Public Sphere Workshop Leaders:  Brian McKenna and Elizabeth Bird

Title:  What do I do now? Career Opportunities in Evaluation Workshop Leaders:  Eve Pinsker and Charity Goodman

Title: Tourism Research: Workshop in New Theories, Methods and Practices Workshop Leaders: Quetzil Castaneda and Tim Wallace

Title: Fieldworks Data Notebook: Software for Writing and Managing Field notes Workshop Leaders: Tom Woodward and Tim Wallace

Title:  The Ethnographic Filed School:  Techniques and Tips for Organizing and Leading Them Workshop Leaders:  Tim Wallace and George Gmelch

Title:  Now What?  Post-Fieldwork Workshop on the Analysis of Tourism Research Workshop Leaders:  Quetzil Castaneda and Tim Wallace

Title:  Taking Anthropology Online: Strategies for Teaching and Scholarship Workshop Leader:  Daniel Lende

Title:  Applying Anthropology in the Classroom:  Resources and Techniques Workshop Leaders:  Susan Andreatta and Gary Ferraro

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