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NAPA Membership FAQ
Here are a few frequently asked questions about membership in NAPA:

How do I join NAPA?
All the information is on the main Membership page!

Why should I join NAPA?
NAPA is the premier organizatapplied, practicing, and professional anthropologists. While a key focus is anthropologists working beyond the academy, we also support academically oriented anthropologists, especially those in applied settings, teaching the next generation of practitioners. Through information exchanges, networking, mentoring, practical skills training, career planning, and a host of other activities, NAPA supports individual professional development and the application of anthropology training in business, non-profits, government, and international agencies.

Are NAPA and SfAA the same thing?  Do they duplicate each other?
Although we both address applied anthropology and have a great deal of overlap in our members, we don’t do quite the same thing. We are different organizations with different purposes and missions.
NAPA is the section of the American Anthropological Association that represents practicing anthropology.   Many NAPA members are established or are planning careers as practicing professionals linked into government, business and other networks outside of the academy. Many in NAPA leadership work outside of academic settings.
NAPA and SfAA collaborate on some training and information exchange initiatives, but each offers its own publications and annual meeting opportunities. Being a member of both organizations gives you multiple benefits.

I am professional working entirely outside an academic position. Why should I be a member of NAPA?
For many reasons:

  1. To be a part of the network.
  2. To stay in touch with developments in anthropology.
  3. To get help with your professional development. 
  4. To help other professionals who are making their way. 
  5. To learn to market your skills and experiences better to non-anthropologists. 
  6. To have a support group, and not feel like the lone anthropologist within your organization.

I teach in a university anthropology department. Why should I be a member of NAPA?
At least two reasons:

  1. Because your work involves public engagement, and you will benefit from collegial exchanges with your non-academic peers.
  2. Because you can help your students better with their training and career planning.  They will need to network to get a job outside of academia. NAPA provides a mentor program and a group of professionals working outside the academy who can help students link up with potential employers.  NAPA members who have become successful in building a career then become a resource for the academic departments from which they came.

I’m a student. Why should I be a NAPA and AAA member?
Joining a professional society is part of becoming a practitioner. You get publications and professional networking opportunities, access to mentors and workshops, and, because you are a student, these benefits are available at a discount rate. Now is the time to get in on AAA and NAPA membership.



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