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MA Podcast series now online

What becomes of anthropology grad students after they finish their Masters degrees and then transition into the “real world” of practitioner anthropology? Are their choices clear cut? Do things work out as they planned? What are the options in the job market or for further education?

In an attempt to address some of these questions, NAPA interviewed eight recent anthropology Masters degree recipients to get their stories and perspectives. Their experiences reveal the diverse options and life courses that are possible with the degree.

It is hoped that these stories will help inform those currently in MA programs as to the possibilities and successes provided by the degree. If anything, their experiences demonstrate that the choices and possibilities are not always perfectly clear.

Featured in this series (with their schools and graduation dates) are:

Nadine Dangerfield, U Maryland, 2013
Amelia Jamison, U Maryland, 2014
Kenny Latta, U Memphis, 2014
Nancy Gillis Baum, U North Texas, 2012
Lillie Dao, American U, 2014
Kristy Keller, San Jose State U, 2013
Ashley Gallentine, U South Florida, 2013
Laurel Dillon-Sumner, U South Florida, 2014

To learn more about the interviewees and to hear their stories, visit the podcast link on this site at:

Feel free to leave comments and questions, relating your own experiences, suggestions, and queries.

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  • Mari H. Clark, Independent Consultant, World Bank, et al.
  • Patricia Ensworth, Principal, Harborlight Management Services
  • Adam Koons, Senior Vice President for Program Management, Relief International
  • Timothy McKeown, Legal Anthropologist (litigation support) U. S. Department of the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians
  • Mary Odell Butler, Evaluation Program Manager (retired), Battelle
  • Ellen Puccia, President, Beta Research Associates
  • Laurie Schwede, Social Science Research Analyst, S. Census Bureau, Center for Survey Measurement
  • Stan Yoder, Senior Qualitative Research Specialist (retired), ICF International, Demographic and Health Survey Group


These podcasts are found at:


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