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Kimball Award Receiving Applications

The Solon T. Kimball Award for Public and Applied Anthropology offers an opportunity to honor exemplary anthropologists for outstanding recent achievements that have contributed to the development of anthropology as an applied science and that have had important impacts on public policy.


The range of eligible nominees is unusually broad: the Kimball Award can be given to individuals or to a team (including collaborators outside of anthropology) and is not restricted by nationality, anthropological specialization, or type of employment. The anthropological contribution may be theoretical or methodological. The impact on public policy may be in any area, domestic or international, for example biodiversity, climate change, energy, international relations, medicine, public health, language conservation, education, criminal justice, development, or cultural heritage.


The accomplishments providing the basis of a nomination must have been made within the decade preceding the receipt of the award. Where collaborative efforts provide the basis for a nomination, the collaboration must have been sustained over at least three years.


Nomination packages must be received at the AAA office by June 1, 2016. As the application procedure is rigorous, applicants should review the criteria soon. Nominees for the Kimball Award may be proposed by others, or may be self-nominated.


Application information is found on the AAA website at:



The Kimball Award has been presented every other year since 1984 at the AAA annual meeting and carries a $1000 prize. Questions regarding nomination procedures may be directed to the chair of the award committee, Dr. David Griffith (griffithd@ecu.edu).


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