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Join the NAPA Social Media Team!

The NAPA Communications Committee is looking for a few energetic and reliable folks to join our social media team. This is a great chance to be a part of keeping practitioners up to date and also bringing anthropology to a wider audience.

We are recruiting for our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, as well as this very blog! This is a great opportunity to enhance the visibility of practitioner anthropology and to build your own network, and also have a bit of fun. You do not need to be a NAPA member to join, but it helps!

The specific jobs will depend upon your interests and skills. We will work with you to define the role, but we need people to coordinate and develop Facebook content and postings; to expand the appeal of our growing LinkedIn page and ensure content integrity; to continue to grow our useful Twitter stream, and to develop this blog page and coordinate postings from NAPA leaders. The commitment is flexible but usually requires just a few hours each week or two.

This is also NAPA’s 30th anniversary year, so we’ll be launching some podcast and video initiatives this year. If you have podcasting, videocasting, streaming, or other experience, we have opportunities for you!

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities, please be in touch and let’s see what we can put together. NAPA is a dynamic association and the Communications Committee is at the heart of everything that happens.

Terry Redding, Communications Chair

March 5, 2014

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