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Inaugural conference: International Indonesian Forum for Asian Studies

This recently arrived from our colleagues with the Asosiasi Antropologi Indonesia:
Dear colleague, 
For the inaugural conference of the International Indonesian Forum for Asian Studies (IIFAS) Creating ASEAN Futures 2015: Towards connected cross-border communities, we are calling for paper abstracts and proposals for poster presentations. The interdisciplinaryconference will give importance to the opportunities within the boundaries of the ASEAN socioeconomic community and beyond. The AAI is holding a meeting on the second day of the conference.
Important Dates:
29 – 30 September 2015
Andalas University Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Optional post-conference networking 1 to 4 day tours are scheduled to the hill town of Bukittinggi for the opportunity to capture the rare Rafflesia flower and traditional Minangkabau  architecture or to the Mentawai Islands.
Important Deadline:
2nd round of submissions before 15 August 2015 and registration before 31 Augustus 2015

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Gregory Acciaioli, A/Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Western Australia
Dr. Iwabuchi, Professor of Marine Culturology at the Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology
Dr. Amri Marzali, Adjunct Professor at University Malaya and University of Indonesia
Conference Panel Themes:
The themes are centered around the regional and international impact of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). They include: political arrangements, gender issues, socio-cultural change and Asian diaspora, public administrative development, cross-border economic opportunities, integrated educational development, expanded International Asian Studies, ASEAN historical studies, as well as intercultural religious affairs. In addition, it will raise aspects of cross-border communication development, innovative pan-ASEANinfrastructure, environmental awareness and advanced national law in an ASEAN perspective.
Procedure  for Submitting the Application:
Individual abstracts and proposals combined with a CV uploads at www.iifas.info 
A differential registration fee is levied for speakers, students or guests, as determined by the host institution. This enables the organisers of the conference to alloate limited scholarships to challenged presenters.
For additional information please contact Jendrius +6281213743005 and Sofia Trisni+6282284445161 or email: info.iifas2015@gmail.com

Concurrent with the conference are the summit meetings of the Alumni Finders University Australia members residing in the ASEAN countries, the Association of Anthropology of Indonesia, the Association for the Advancement of Social Sciences in Indonesia (HIPIIS) and DAAD-alumni Forum.

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