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Ebola expertise list by Nov. 12

Colleagues –  I need to quickly assemble an expertise database to show key response organizations (like the UN Mission for Emergency Ebola Response) where anthropologists have worked / are working.

If you are an AAA member and your membership profile is up to date, terrific. If it is not up to date, we’d like you to update it anyway (go to www.aaanet.org, login and update).

However, this week is “special,” and in addition to updating your profile, I’d like to get something to UNMEER in a hurry. By close of business Wednesday, 12 November, could you please respond DIRECTLY TO ME with the following information:

1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Position Title
4. Organization (Department / Institution
5. City
6. State / Province
7. Country
8. E-mail address
9. Fieldwork location(s) and dates, especially Ebola-affected areas: City(ies) or Towns / County(ies) or Province(s) / Country(ies)
10. Content area specialty(ies)
11. Languages you speak with professional fluency

Thank you so much!  I promise I will share the work in progress so others can add their expertise data later.

Edward Liebow, Executive Director
American Anthropological Association
+703.528.1902, x1168 – direct
+206.618.3697 – mobile

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