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Deadline for AAA Elections is May 31

Dear NAPA Members:


As you know, the deadline for the AAA elections is coming up soon: May 31st is just a bit over two weeks away. You should also know that several NAPA members, including three past presidents, are up for AAA offices; the latter are Elizabeth Briody (Executive Board), Robert Trotter (Ethics) and Tim Wallace (Public Policy). Another current NAPA leader, Setish Kedia (Annals co-editor) is also running (Minority Issues). These positions are in addition to the NAPA section elections.


I urge you to take a few minutes and cast your vote. We have a chance to enhance the voices of practitioners in the AAA with these outstanding and dedicated candidates.


To vote: login through www.aaanet.org and click on “Account/Member Profile LOGIN” at the top of the page (direct link: https://avectra.aaanet.org/eweb/).


Once you log in, you should see the “Vote Now” button on the right side of the page. Click that button to access your ballots. The ballots shown will include candidates both for AAA positions and for NAPA and other sections of which you are a member.


If you have questions about the voting mechanics, please contact Kim Baker at elections@aaanet.org.


I hope you’ll take a few moments now to cast your vote and support applied and practicing anthropology in the process!


Leni Bohren

NAPA President

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