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CFP: AAA Registration Waivers for Qualifying Scholars

Section Assembly Executive Committee (SAEC)
Call for Applications

As announced at the Section Assembly meeting in Philadelphia, in an effort to facilitate the participation of and increase members’ access to international and community-based scholars at the AAA annual meetings, registration waivers will be made available to all 38 section members of the Section Assembly. The SAEC requests applications from sections to redeem these registration waivers for qualifying scholars they hope to bring to the 2010 AAA meeting, on 17-21 November, in New Orleans. Qualifying scholars need not be current AAA members and cannot hold employment in university-based anthropology departments nor work as practicing anthropologists in any of the discipline’s four main subfields (archaeology, sociocultural, biological, linguistic). Registration and membership fees will be waived for the qualifying scholar nominated by sections to receive this waiver. Sections and individual qualifying scholars are responsible for all other conference-associated costs.

Each section is qualified to receive one waiver on a “use it or loose it” basis. Unused or unallocated waivers will go back into a pool and a lottery held to redistribute them. If you wish or anticipate the need for a second waiver, please let us know when you submit your original request by including information for a second qualifying scholar and rank each scholar accordingly.


Sections should email SA Convenor Mary Gray <mLg@indiana.edu> with a description of the proposed 2010 section-organized session, name of the qualifying scholar nominated to receive the section’s waiver, and a short description of the nature of the scholar’s proposed meeting participation as well as her or his credentials and qualifications (i.e., non-anthropologist, community-based scholar, international scholar, etc).

Deadline: 1 March 2010 (extended to March 12)

Waivers are not transferable. Sections are encouraged to pool resources through co-sponsorships.

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