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Smithsonian Anthropology Staff Video Interviews Online

What does it take to become an anthropologist and what do anthropologists do? Meet six Smithsonian anthropologists and learn what inspired them to go into the field and why they love what they do. View the online video interviews at http://anthropology.si.edu/video_interviews.html We are grateful for a Web Advisory Group (WAG) grant that made this project possible.

American Breakfast & the Mother-in-Law: How an Anthropologist Created Go-Gurt


Today anthropologists are helping firms gain deeper insights about their customers through the observations and story-telling methods found in ethnography.

This case study describes how one anthropologist discovered new ways of thinking about food consumption in the morning.


The Story

Our story begins at the front door of the Kelly residence.

It is 6:30AM and it is barely light.

Tom, a designer and I, the anthropologist, stand at the front of a suburban home in northern California.

With us we carry over stuffed bags filled with video cameras, film, batteries, tape recorders, paper and pens.

We are about… Continue reading