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On Mary's Mind – November 2010

Mary Odell Butler

The leaves are almost gone, kind of a melancholy time of year.  I’m figuring out what to pack for the AAA meetings.  When I get there, as is almost always the case, I will look around the hotel lobby and realize that Christmas has descended while I wasn’t paying attention.

In my last column, I said goodbye to you all – prematurely it would seem. This I promise is really, really my last column.  By the time you read this, TimWallace will have taken over as President of NAPA and I will have moved… Continue reading

March 2010 NAPA e-Newsletter

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

e-Newsletter | February/March 2010 (pdf)

In This Issue

  • Welcome by Elizabeth Nanas
  • On Mary’s Mind by Mary Butler
  • Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Change by Emily Altimare
  • NAPA Bulletin Summaries: Fall 2009 and Spring 2010
  • Anthropology News CFPs

Welcome to NAPA e-News

Living in Hong Kong for the year has been both challenging and exciting.  As many of you know, nothing truly prepares you for fieldwork and I must admit that I feel quite taken with the ups and downs, the joys and distress of my experience. But 2010 is The Year of the… Continue reading

December 2009 NAPA e-News

[ Download the entire December issue! ]

From Mary Odell Butler:

It’s a great time to be a practicing anthropologist. The opportunities
for us to contribute to the significant changes occurring in the US and
around the world have never been greater. As we approach the
AAA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, it’s time for all of us to think
of where NAPA has been, where we want to go in the coming year
and how we can begin to prepare for it. I really hope that you will
join us for all of the things that NAPA will be doing… Continue reading

July/August 2009 Newsletter

download the pdf version ]

Over the last two years, many active NAPA members have been working to create a more active and inclusive section within the context of the American Anthropological Association. Both NAPA and the AAA need to hear your voices and your concerns in order to better understand the importance of where we have been, what is most interesting to us, and who we want to become. After all, our identifications will always be a continuous negotiation.

Although we seek to more actively engage the AAA as well as our many diverse… Continue reading

April/May 2009 eNewsletter

In this April/May 2009 Newsletter:

  1. Welcome  (Elizabeth Nanas)
  2. On Mary’s Mind (Mary Odell Butler)
  3. NAPA Occupational Therapy Special Interest Group Update (Amy Paul-Ward, Gelya Frank)
  4. Designing an Anthropology Career (Sherylyn H. Briller, Amy Goldmacher)
  5. Volunteer Opportunities
  6. News from the Program Chair (Carol Hafford)
  7. Conference Announcements
  8. NAPA Student Achievement Award
  9. WAPA 2009 Praxis Award CFP

This issue marks the beginning of a newly designed Newsletter that includes regular features and also provides fresh opportunities for NAPA members to engage in conversations that contribute not only to professional development, but that also cross boundaries to challenge the borders of… Continue reading

February 2009 Newsletter

•      On Mary’s Mind (Mary Odell Butler)

•      CFP AAA 2009: The End/s of Anthropology (Carol Hafford)

•      AAA 2008 NAPA Meeting Notes (Mary Odell Butler)

•      AAA Task Force Contacts

•      AAA 2008: Professional Ethics (Mary Odell Butler)

•      CFP Anthropology News: Work-Life Balance (Dinah Winnick)

•      SfAA 2009: Global Challenge, Local Action

•    … Continue reading

November 2008 Newsletter

July 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 Newsletter

Congratulations to the spring anthropology graduates. Be sure to look at the NAPA web page where just in the past fifteen days, fifteen employers posted employment opportunities seeking anthropologists for positions in game analytics, consumer insights, historic preservation
and even a user experience practitioner for a major US newspaper.

It is time to vote in AAA and NAPA elections and it is also the time for students to submit their papers for the NAPA Student Achievement Award.  This eNewsletter provides more information about these and… Continue reading