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Governing Council

Governing Council Today: Nancy Gillis: The Fine Line Between Building Rapport and Maintaining Neutrality

As I write this blog post, I am not sure if there is an answer to this conundrum.

I am currently conducting fieldwork for the North Texas Food Bank. They have developed The Hunger Center, a think tank for understanding food insecurity and poverty while developing innovative strategies to combat the root causes of the issues.

My part in this research is to gather the emic perspective of low-income north Texans in relation to their experiences struggling with food insecurity and managing chronic health conditions or a disability. I do this by visiting north Texans in their homes and discussing… Continue reading

Governing Council Today: Communications Committee and You

What do NAPA members want? What do NAPA members need? These are questions that NAPA leaders would like to address. However, with a diverse set of member practitioners employed in a broad spectrum of workplaces, with a range of wants and needs, divining the proper answers is challenging.

As noted two weeks ago by NAPA President Leni Bohren, one way NAPA hopes to address these questions is by being more proactively open and public about what NAPA is actually doing. That is one reason why we have launched this bi-weekly blog series featuring members of the Governing Council (aka the… Continue reading

NAPA launches Governing Council Today blog series

Dear Readers:


This is Leni Bohren, the President of NAPA. I am excited to announce that, two weeks from now, members of the NAPA Governing Council will begin blogging regularly on this site. The goal is to keep NAPA members better informed and current about what is happening behind the scenes of NAPA, and to solicit your feedback. The Governing Council consists of both elected officials and committee chairs. Blog posts will include committee activities, news, updates, and really anything that is on the mind of the presenters. We will try to keep these on a bi-weekly schedule, appearing… Continue reading

2011-2012 Governing Council Officers & Committee Chairs

Dear NAPA Members:
The 2011-12 roster of Governing Council officers and Committee Chairs has been posted. Please feel free to contact me or any of the other GC members for any reason. This is your organization and we wish to serve you and the practicing and applied anthropology community in whatever way we can. I look forward to seeing you all soon in Montreal.
Tim Wallace
NAPA President

We need your vote! NAPA members nominated for AAA positions

The American Anthropological Association is holding ballots for several positions.  The NAPA Governing Council (GC) would like to ask each and every one of you to please take a few minutes to vote.  It really does not take more than a few minutes to vote and each vote really makes a difference.  According to the AAA only an average of 17% of the AAA membership votes which means it doesn’t take much to elect a AAA president.  This year we’re proud to have Shirley Fiske, a well-experienced practitioner, running for that position- wouldn’t it be… Continue reading

NAPA Elections and NAPA @ AAA CFP Announcement from Tim Wallace (NAPA President)

Dear NAPA Members:

There are a few items of interest I want to bring to your immediate attention. The first is about NAPA elections and the second is about the call for papers for the 2011 AAA meetings in Montreal.


The AAA will be holding annual elections in the near future. As the president, president-elect and student rep of NAPA are both at the beginning of their terms, and one member-at-large are continuing, the only officers who are due for election this year are the secretary/column editor and two Governing Council members-at-large.

If you would like to be nominated… Continue reading