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Annual Meetings

Exhibitors at NAPA/AAA Career Expo

NAPA/AAA Career Expo at the 2012 AAA meeting

11 am to 4 p.m. Friday, November 16th    Main Exhibit Hall

Come and visit employers from the following sectors:

Cultural Resources
Public Sector 
Private Sector
Non-Profit Sector

Attendees can also get Instant Mentoring on site!

Scheduled exhibitors include:
Elizabeth Schill, Deloitte
Niel Tashima, LTG Associates
Jon Keesey and ,Annik Ramsey, Smart Revenue
Patricia Sunderland, Practica
Laurie Krieger, Manoff Group
Michael Kronthal, Yahoo!
Colin Busby, Basin Assoc.
Carol Ellick, Joe Watkins, and Emily Ellick-Flettre, Ace Consultants
Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts, NIH
Robert Hahn, CDC
Cathy Prowse, Law Enforcement
Ana Pagan, Merced… Continue reading

Draft revision of the AAA’s Code of Ethics available for review

Dear AAA Member:

At the 2011 AAA Annual Meeting recently held in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, the AAA Executive Board (EB) voted to receive a draft revision of the AAA’s Code of Ethics as revised by the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review. The EB also passed a resolution thanking the task force and its chair, Dena Plemmons, for all of their hard work. Beginning in early 2009, the Task Force was commissioned to review the Code of Ethics and consult extensively with relevant AAA committees and commissions, the Section Assembly, the membership at large and other interested parties. The Task… Continue reading

NAPA Networking Event at the AAA 11/19 12:15-1:30 pm

The NAPA Networking Event Flyer Montreal QC, Canada (download)

Sabrina Nichelle Scott, NAPA Workshops Chair, is hosting a NAPA Networking Event at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting in Montreal on Saturday November 19th at 12:15-1:30 local time.  The event will be held in Room 511D, in the convention center.

The event is open to all and is a wonderful opportunity for students, young professionals, and those established in their careers. Come and meet other practicing anthropologists, learn about what people are working on, and have some wonderful conversations!

Q&A with the AAA Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review

Dear AAA Member:

The members of the AAA Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review have been
diligently undertaking a thorough review of our association’s Code of
Ethics. Pursuant to a charge put forward by our Executive Board, the Task
Force has now completed its work and is prepared to send it forward to the
EB. At this year’s Annual Meeting, the Task Force will hold a question and
answer session, Friday, November 18, 2011 from 12:15-13:30 designed to
provide further information about the methods and process the group used to
make its recommendations. The session was organized and will be… Continue reading

Final: NAPA at the 2011 AAA in Montreal

Download the file here.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011





2-0400   Ideas and Techniques for Organizing An Ethnographic Field School  James Tim M Wallace and George Gmelch       


2-0465   LINKING TOURISM PAST WITH ITS PRESENT: REFLECTIONS AND DIRECTIONS Heidi J Nicholls, James Tim M Wallace, and Valene Smith



NAPA Workshops at the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Workshop Registration Is Now Open http://www.aaanet.org/meetings/Workshops.cfm


Students Pay Half Price for Workshop Admission

New methods and theory

  1. Introductory Participatory Design Workshop: Overview and Introduction to Methods – Nancy Fried Foster
  2. Tourism Research Workshop: Theoretical Frameworks, Approaches and Practices – Quetzil Castaneda and Tim Wallace
  3.  Anthropologist in Evaluation: An Introduction to Evaluation Concepts – Mary Odell Butler and Lenora Bohren
  4. Anthropology in Focus Groups: Expanded Opportunities for Anthropologists in Marketing Research – Robert J. Morais
  5. Ideas and Techniques for Organizing an Ethnographic Field School – James Tim Wallace and George Gmelch

Career Planning

  1. Stress Management and Building Self-Esteem for… Continue reading

The 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists to Support Occupy Wall

The 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists to Support Occupy Wall Street and Associated Movements
American Anthropological Association Meeting
Montreal, Canada November 17-20, 2011

Calling all anthropologists, interdisciplinary scholars, activists and citizens attending the 2011 AAA Meetings in Montreal:

Please join us for the 1st General Assembly of World Anthropologists who are involved or interested in the recent occupy movement for global economic change that is sweeping the globe.  The details of our meeting and the actions we take will be determined by the consensus process during general assemblies that is being practiced by all of the occupations.  … Continue reading

NAPA workshops at the AAA Annual Meeting

Are you planning to attend the AAA Annual Meeting in Montreal, QC, Canada?  If so, please register for one or more NAPA sponsored workshops!  You can register at http://www.aaanet.org/meetings/Workshops.cfm

Please see the website for complete workshop descriptions.  The following are NAPA sponsored workshops:

  • Introductory Participatory Design Workshop: Overview and Introduction to Methods – Nancy Fried Foster
  • Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 1 – Ken C. Erickson and Stephanie Paladino
  • Hanging Out Your Shingle: Practical Strategic and Ethical First Steps for Anthropological Contract Work, Part 2 – Ken… Continue reading

SfAA Elections: A Call for Candidates

Don’t forget that the SfAA Elections are scheduled for the Fall. The Nominations and Elections Committee invites your suggestions for candidates for the slate. The following offices will be included in this election:

— President-elect (male candidate)
— Board of Directors, two positions (one female/one male)
— Nominations and Elections Committee, two positions (one female and one/male).

Please contact the members of the Nominations and Elections Committee if you have a suggestion (Peter Brown, David Groenfeldt, Terre Satterfield, Alicia Re Cruz). Or, contact the SfAA Office at(405) 843-5113 or info@sfaa.net.

CFP: SfAA Annual Meeting, Baltimore 2012 – Bays, Boundaries and Borders

Sheraton Baltimore City Center, March 27 – 31


Call for Papers and Sessions

Meeting Theme Description

This meeting invites advocates, activists, policy makers, scholars and researchers to respond creatively to the  2012 program theme, “Bays, Boundaries and Borders,” with papers, posters, roundtable discussions, sessions or videos on a broad range of issues, problems or topics including those that arise from the interaction of people with their natural or community environments; those that help us better understand or “push beyond” the current boundaries of our knowledge, methods, practices or theories in helping resolve human problems; and those focused… Continue reading