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Mentor Program: Undergrad QA3

NAPA Mentoring FAQs: Undergraduate Scenarios

Scenario Three

Q.  I am currently majoring in Spanish and minoring in anthropology. I am looking into getting into applied or cultural anthropology at this point, however I am not exactly sure what I would like to do in these fields. I understand that there are many options ranging from marketing research to field study in foreign countries. I do not want to change my Spanish major, but since I have decided that I really want to go further into anthropology and very likely make a career out of it, I was not sure if it was a good idea to just take it as a minor. I have been talking to several people who have already studied anthropology and have jobs as anthropologists for different points of view, and will be looking into several different areas for internships and field courses. I have also been taking many electives in very different areas.

A. Keeping your Spanish major is a very god idea.  You may also consider the following:

1.  Plan to do something during the coming summer that is relevant and that will build your fund of experience in culture.  This could be an internship with a non-profit, a job with a museum, a job with a tourism bureau, or a summer field school in archaeology (all parts of anthropology are relevant).  Check into the NAPA OT Field School in Guatemala to see if that would meet your needs. Make the summer count.  Any paid job can also place you in a social setting that you can analyze and look at as a mini-ethnography. Whatever you choose, make sure it pays off for you in the knowledge and insight you want to have.

2.  If at all possible, plan to study abroad one semester, perhaps in your junior year.  If cost is a problem, go see the campus office that deals with these programs and have them find one you can afford.  It would make sense to seek one in a Spanish-speaking area.

3.  If you can manage it, consider double majoring, adding anthropology to your Spanish major.


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